Real Estate Attorneys are Needed Alongside Brokers

[Updated] When there is a property transaction there are many aspects about it that one must take into consideration. Asking questions about these costs and learning more about them is one better way that you can save your hard earned finances.

One way that many people might try to cut their costs is by trying to cut back on the amount of professionals that they hire. Professionals are available in real estate to assist people with completing their transactions for buying a home.

There are two different types of professionals that come in handy with the transaction of buying or selling a home and that would be the real estate attorney and the real estate broker. Sometimes people wonder if they should hire an attorney when it comes time for them to buy or sell their home. This is often only pondered about when they already have a broker on hand. However, the truth is that it is always best to have a real estate attorney on hand even if it is not required for you to do so.

The reason being is because you are dealing with a large transaction; that’s a big deal. In that case you definitely should have the attorney as your back up plan. Living in the state of New York, you should start with a Google search of New York real estate attorney.

There are many people that don’t realize that there is a difference between a real estate attorney and a broker; they think that they both basically have the same title, but not exactly. Although a broker might assist you during most of the transaction of purchasing or selling a home, they cannot protect you in the same way that an attorney would be able too. The broker’s only job is to help the owner or the buyer in the process of accepting offers for a home. However, a broker is not experienced with aiding in or giving legal advice to their clients.

The real estate attorney is there to help you with legal aspects of the transaction and they will be able to protect you if something were to go wrong with the transaction or if there is an illegal aspect about the agreement. They will look over the terms and agreement and make sure that the transaction is fair and within state compliance.

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How to Beat a Second DUI Arrest

Being arrested for a DUI can be one of the most embarrassing things in your life. It’s also expensive and highly stressful. When you’re arrested a second time for a DUI, things get worse.

You’re now most likely facing jail time, losing your license, and so many other unpleasant things. You most likely never knew that there are ways to get out of DUI charges, but there are. Get on the right track to beating your DUI charge by talking to the New York DUI Lawyers.

To begin with, the Field Sobriety Test is not accurate. It’s only 65 percent accurate in showing if someone is intoxicated or not. Now, this is assuming that the person is in average health. If you’re healthy, the walk and turn test is only 68 percent accurate. If you are injured, overweight, or older, these percentages decrease by far. With all of these inaccuracies, you may be able to use this to escape your DUI.

A lot of jails will video you during your booking. If your speech is not slurred and your balance is good, this video can be used to get your out of the DUI charge. It is proof that you weren’t intoxicated.

The hospital blood test that is done many times to see if you’re intoxicated or not is nearly always 25 percent inaccurate. These tests tend to show your blood alcohol level as much at 25 percent higher than it really is in someone who’s in good health. It varies even more in someone ill or injured.

You can use independent witnesses to testify as to your sobriety. Bartenders, passengers in your vehicle, hospital personnel, and anyone else who was around you can vouch for you being sober. This can go a long way in helping you get out of your DUI.

In addition, there’s a guide you can find online that can be instantly downloaded that’s loaded with tips, tricks and the secrets to beating a DUI charge. This will help you even if it’s your second DUI charge, and will also keep your record clean.

Many people have testified to using this guide successfully and kept themselves from getting a criminal record. The cost is much cheaper than having to fight the charges in court along with paying an attorney for representation.

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Getting Legal Help For Child Support Payments

Child support payments are the responsibility of a parent that isn’t the primary caregiver of the child. These monetary payments are necessary to take care of the childs well being and can cause great hardship to the child if the payments aren’t received by the custodial parent.

Gaining the child support can be a complicated process, and that’s why a Family Law Attorney is so important to use in this circumstance. Professional child support services are generally successful in obtaining child support payments from a non custodial parent.

There are lots of reasons why a non custodial parent may stop making child support payments. It may be because they don’t have the money or income, arguments over visitation, improper use of the child support payments, and more. A parent who feels their child support amount is too high to pay should file a formal claim in court to get the amount changed, or at the very least, plead their case for review.

Support Court Filing Process

Generally, a support court filing procedure involves three steps.

1. A petition that defines the need for financial support

2. An interim request for support

3. The summons process

The summons process is a request for a hearing. The petition will list the parents and/or guardians, identify the offspring, the request for paternity test proof, and will list the actual amount of child support due. Two copies of the document are made, submitted to the court with the original document, and the court will then endorse them and return them to the petitioner. Following the rules set forth by the court is very important in getting the child support payments you need for the child.

A summons also requires the person responsible for paying the child support to respond within 30 days. The summons has to be returned to the court along with the petition. The rules of procedure are documented on the summons form and an official stamp will be put on it. Temporary financial support can be requested at the same time the petition is filed. While the petition hearing is in pending status, this temporary financial support can help to make ends meet.

The petitioner, usually the custodial parent, will need to file a hearing request and notice of hearing in order to obtain interim (temporary) child support. The request for hearing is a request that the temporary child support be taken care of quickly. An informational sheet is often required by most states when payments are not made. This information sheet documents information about the child or children in question.

Enforcement Of Child Support

When a non custodial parent winds up not paying their required child support, it can be a complicated process to know which forms you have to fill out and how to make sure the non custodial parent pays the money they owe. Several thousand dollars per year is the average child support payment, which more than justifies the use of a family law attorney. Family law attorneys are skilled in getting you the much needed payments.

Recovering past due child support can be done in a number of ways:

1. Seizure of all assets until the money is paid

2. Intercepting tax return money

3. Wage withholding from an employer

4. Garnishment of wages

These are just a few methods that legal services will use to get you the payments. Enforcement of seizing assets and garnishing wages are two of the most popular ways of getting the money to the custodial parent.

Child Support Attorneys Almost Always Win

Both parent locators and vehicle reports can help find a missing parent who owes child support. A private investigator is sometimes needed to find the missing parent. This can get costly though, so every other avenue of finding them is explored first.

Court ordered financial obligations are strictly enforced and the U.S. government takes it very seriously. The Child Support Recovery Act, passed in 1992, makes it a crime to withhold money over the amount of $5,000 from a child or it has been more than one year since a child support payment has been made. It’s the job of a family law attorney like to help make it an easier process to recover past due money owed to a child. Most people find that it’s money well spent to hire a family law attorney when it comes to overdue child support.